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I am very disappointed with the service i received from the Sergio Rossi store in Geneva (No 35 Rue du Rhone), Switzerland.

I bought a pair of turquoise blue sandals with Swarovski crystals on the 16th of June, 2012. I was in a hurry as i had an appointment to catch up with. My family friend who was with me at the time of purchase, asked the store manager and attendant when they would be on sale, their response was not anytime soon. I also asked when they would be on sale and what the return policy was, and i was told i could return or exchange within 30days after purchase as long as i have not worn the shoes.

Less than a week after, my family friend went back to the same Sergio Rossi store, because she had liked the same sandals i bought, and some other sandals, but could not afford it at full price, especially when she felt most stores where on sale in Geneva. To her surprise she found out that the same pair of sandals i bought, had been slashed down to 890swiss francs from 1800 swiss francs. My family friend came back and informed me that since i was planning on returning the shoes as i had earlier told her i wanted to, she would give me the full amount i paid and go and pick up a few shoes from the store since they were on sale. I agreed to this and called the store, i spoke to the store attendant and told her i would be travelling and i will bring the shoes on my way to the airport, and also explained my family friend will be taking some sandals that amount to the total price i paid for my sandals. The store attendant agreed to this and was expecting me. Unfortunately i could not take the shoes back myself as i was running late for my flight. My family friend took the shoe back and was refused an exchange for shoes in less than 2 weeks of purchase. I wasted 380swiss francs on taxi.

I called the store from my trip abroad despite having to deal with a family emergency; the store manager verbally insulted me and in her words said 'I had a problem, why did i purchase the shoe in the first place if i was going to change my mind' 'She will not exchange them, and i have to keep them'. I have called your head office in Milan, and checked your purchase policy online, i was told the store manager had no right to do this. I have tried to reach the agent in charge of Switzerland, but no luck.

I got a few Swiss people here in Switzerland to speak to the store manager, and took the shoe back several times, but they all reported back saying the store manager was very rude, and had no reason not to exchange shoes or refund. I have spent over 1000swiss francs in addition to the cost of the shoe, and have been emotionally drained by this incidence. The store manager has even refused to give store credit even when i decided to give them out as gifts.

The attitude of the store is very illegal and out of line. The store manager feels no sense of accountability for the Sergio Rossi brand. I have tried to resolve this issue amicably but no progress has been made. I am determined to ensure this does not happen to another customer in the future.

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Hello, sorry that's the sad reality - geneva sucks when it comes to customer service -everybody knows it - and in every shop or restaurant or public place you go to, they simply don't care about service, they are so full of themselves and arrogant...

On the other hand why spending 1800 CHF for a pair of shoes? And why even spending 900CHF for a pair of shoes? This is crazy.....

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